It is important to keep appliances in your house functional, but this can be difficult if you aren’t an expert. Here are some tips to know if you should replace your AC unit, or if it just needs slight repairs.

Before any strange noises occur, a homeowner should take steps to prevent malfunction. The filter should be replaced whenever the previous filter is clogged, even before the recommended change by date. A user should keep in mind conditions that could cause a premature clogged filter, like smoking in the household or pets. Also, an AC unit should be regularly inspected by a professional for tune-ups, to ensure small problems do not turn into big problems. Finally, a homeowner should treat the AC unit like the expensive piece of equipment it is. If it is making an alarming sound, call someone to check it out.

Rattling or banging is common, and it could mean several things. Rattling could be caused by debris or a loose screw. If it is an older unit, it could be coming from the compressor, and be the first sign of compressor failure. A homeowner’s first response, in this case, should be to tighten up any loose bolts, to check if that solves the problem.

Rattling or banging can quickly progress to clanking, which signals more loose parts, and likely the need for a replacement unit, or several replacement parts within the unit. At this point, it is necessary to call a professional.

If there is a grinding noise, there is a problem with the fans. They could be worn and require a tune-up.

Popping could be heard, but it would not be coming from the AC unit. If a homeowner hears popping, they should turn to the air ducts. Like all equipment, as they age, they get worn down. Ductwork also requires tune-ups from time to time and if there is popping, for the ducts to effectively move cold air throughout the house, they should be checked and repaired, if needed.

Clicking is not necessarily a problem, but it can signal a failing thermostat. It is by no means an emergency, but a homeowner should keep an eye on the machine.

If there is hissing that is definitely from the machine, it is time to call a professional. Although there could be hissing from the air duct, if the hissing is coming from the machine, it means a refrigerant leak.

Buzzing could mean many things, including loose parts, debris in the machine, the blower is going bad, the filter needs to be changed or the machine should be cleaned. If buzzing persists or gets worse after a filter is changed and the machine is cleaned by the owner, a professional of AC replacement in Ellis County should be called.

Squealing can be a common sound in some units, but if an owner identifies the sequel sound as new, it can indicate the malfunction of internal parts of the unit. In that case, a professional should be called.

If, when the unit is turned on, it emits a loud, screaming sound, turn the unit off immediately. This could be caused by a pressurized compressor or a refrigerant leak. Either is dangerous. If a unit turns off on its own, do not attempt to turn it back on. Likely, a sensor turned it off because a part is malfunctioning in a potentially dangerous way. Call a professional.

Sounds are the first sign of malfunction. If sounds persist or get worse, the best course of action is to call a professional on AC replacement in Ellis County.

By Muezza