Make a Copper Sink Your Next Kitchen Purchase

We have come to expect to see a sink in both our kitchens and in our bathrooms. A home owner will choose a sink that is best suited for the kitchen and the bathroom, it is his responsibility. In earlier days, there was no variety in the size and color of kitchen and bathroom sinks. They were all the same color and all in the same size. In more modern times that have changed to the point that we now have a vast choice of colors, sizes and even in the materials our sinks are made from. There is however, one type of sink that has been used for a very long time and still remains a preferred choice with many people the world over.

Copper sinks hold that distinction and they are considered a must have in any luxury kitchen. Today they come in various finishes such as dark bronze, hand hammered and stainless. With age, the color and quality of the sinks change. The specific atmosphere the utensil is used in will determine the type of changes it undergoes. With the passing years the patina of the copper changes to a medium coppery brown, a color many find very attractive. Although you can apply a special wax made for copper, when required, to the sinks in order to retain the material’s original color, these utensils need no maintenance.

With age, the sinks become more and more appealing to look at and they last for a very long time. To care for copper sinks, all that is needed is regular washing with a mild soap and water. The anti-bacterial properties of the copper render the sinks immune to bacterial infection. This makes them more sanitary that the traditional china, vitreous, ceramic and porcelain counterparts. Even the e-coli bacteria will not be able to live beyond a few hours on the copper surface.

The hand hammered copper sinks are the predominant variety that you will find in the market place today. Because of this finish, and the appealing changing patina, dents and scratches will not be obvious on this utensil. A bathroom or kitchen outfitted with these sinks always takes on a distinct classic and antique appearance.

Copper sinks are costlier than other sinks because they are handmade. Care must be taken when purchasing this type of sink to ensure that you are selecting one that is perfect and of genuine quality. Not all these sinks are from genuine copper. Many on the market are made of recycled copper that is only 90% pure. These materials are the result of the melt down of machines, electrical components and old computers. Sinks of this nature are sold on the gray market and you should avoid them at all costs. However, the good news is that the prices have been greatly reduced because of the greater demand for the product and also because of the increase in sales.

Copper sinks are one of the most beautiful sinks that can be used in a bathroom or in a kitchen. The metal’s natural beauty will go well with a variety of decors. Given the long-life, the beauty and the antibacterial properties of the metal it is well worth the investment.

By Muezza