Kitchen Installation: The Right Lighting

Kitchen installation can be an overwhelming task due to the number of things that you ought to think about. You would figure out where the cabinetry must be situated, install the worktops, sinks and faucets, flooring, ventilation and its lighting. This is a huge task that is consists of plumbing, carpentry, and electrical works. Kitchen islands are spaces where you can do a lot of tasks from the preparation of your foods to balancing of your checkbooks. You need to install pendant lighting for the comfort of all the household members.

Pendant lighting is commonly known as drops as it is hanging from the ceiling. It is quite popular as it complements the laid back lifestyle of most families today. This is less complicated compared with chandeliers yet equally stylish. In addition, it serves the same purpose at a much lower price. One of its key features is the dimmer switch that allows you to regulate its brightness to suit your tasks as you would need different lighting for reading, cooking and socializing.

In order to cover the whole kitchen area, it is good to consider the over-island lighting in planning the kitchen installation. This can entail groups of small pendants and a large pendant in the middle overhanging in the island. Normally, the mini-pendants come in group of three or more bulbs. The bottom of all types of pendant lights is open so that you will not have a difficulty in changing the bulbs.

There are three common designs of such kind of lighting. First is the modern-contemporary. This gives the kitchen a modern look because of the light’s straight lines and hard angles. The colors are normally bold. Second is the Mediterranean which normally utilizes lights in pastel colors. Its design is mainly constituted by natural stones and iron. The last design is Tiffany which is composed of stained glass materials that have geometric shapes.

Lighting is very important in kitchen installation. This would have a great effect on the beauty of your kitchen on the whole. The shape of pendant lights must be appropriate for the size of the area. Generally, the distance between the bottom of your pendant light and the countertop of the island must not fall under 35 inches. If some of your household members are quite taller, you need to make necessary adjustments. No matter what design and kind of lighting you will have on your kitchen, it must not negatively affect the tasks you usually perform there.

By Muezza