Kitchen Bar Stools – Put Some Thought Into Them

If there is one thing that really sets off a kitchen breakfast bar its a great set of quality bar stools. The problem is, many of us are can get confused with the huge number of options available and either put off making a purchase all together or buy something that is unsuited for the intended purpose.

That’s why I have decided to write an article with the aim of providing a few tips to help you make a decision you will be happy with for years to come. So what are the three most important things to take into consideration when buying a new set of kitchen bar stools?

1. First and foremost make sure you get a bar stool that is the right height for your counter. This might sound ridiculously simple but you would be surprised at the number of people who take delivery of their beautiful new stools only to discover they are unusable due to making a mistake on this point. To ensure you get the right size you may be able to loan a stool from the retailer to check. If that is not possible then take a measurement of the height of your counter top from the ground and purchase a stool which leaves about 12 inches of space.

2. Before you decide on the style of bar stool you are going to buy make sure you have in mind a clear number of stools that is needed to meet your needs. You don’t want to be making this decision when your ready to hand over the cash or mistakes can be easily made.

Think about the space you have at the kitchen breakfast bar so that you can fit all the stools in with enough room that they are usable. Also consider who many bar stools you are likely to use on a regular basis. No point in buying six if you live alone and never have any visitors.

3. The style of your new bar stools. Before you go shopping for a set of kitchen stools make sure you have had a serious look at the decor in your kitchen. You want buy something that compliments your room instead of buying the most expensive design and finding it clashes horribly with the tiles on your kitchen wall.

The bottom line is that you need to put a little thought into choosing a bar stool to insure you don’t end up making a purchase you regret. But at the same time don’t put so much thought into it that you can never actually make up your mind and end up with nothing.

By Muezza