Your water heater is a vital appliance in your house. It provides you with clean, sanitized dishes and warm showers. The way that you maintain it will keep it running for years. Here are a few ways that you can take care of this system.

Treat Your Water

Hard water can shorten the life of your heater. Research the price of a water conditioning system Maryland to soften what comes through your pipes then have it installed. Be sure to add new salt pellets per the manufacturer’s directions or when required. Having one of these is especially important if you live in a rural area with hard water. It will leave deposits and minerals in the tank that will build up over time. This can lead to your machine breaking down, which will cost you thousands of dollars to replace.

Test the Discharge Valve

Water should flow freely from your heater as it functions. However, if there is an issue, it can trap the contents inside and the pressure could make the entire unit blow up. To prevent this from happening, you can check the discharge valve to ensure that it works properly. Find the lever that is connected to the external pipe. Flip it up then wait to see if anything happens. If you get something from it, then the machine is alright. If it is bare, then you need to replace the valve to prevent any damage to your water heater.

Keep It Maintained

Analyze your system regularly for leaks on the floor or dampness on the surface of the tank. Look at joints to see if any drops are forming. If any of these occur, you will need to call someone who specializes in water heaters to service your unit. Catching issues before they become larger problems will add years to your equipment and keep other items in your home from getting damaged.

By Muezza