You have a lot of choices as far as the flooring of your patio is concerned. Read ahead and find out more information in this regard.
You can choose to have the garden in your patio close to the fences or you can choose to mix it up. If you opt for the latter, then you will have to use such flooring that can be embedded directly into the earth. You can make use of natural textured flooring like cobblestones to enhance the natural feeling.
If you intend to use the patio for families and other get together, you will have to opt for strong and sturdy flooring that will last for a long time. You may have to compromise on aesthetics to focus on functionality. The last thing you want is a family member to get injured after falling over a cracked or chipped tile.
You could also go in for something completely innovative like filling the path on the patio with pebbles. This will give you the feeling of walking on the beach every time you take a walk in your patio. The flooring will also be good for your circulation has the feet with get massaged every time you walk.
If you want to opt for something more long lasting, you can opt for artificial tiling and flooring. It is not necessary that the flooring should be as hard as concrete. You can also opt for soft mats that mimic the soft feel of earth without the complications and problems associated with this option.

By Muezza