Lean-to conservatories can be a god send when it comes to planning a BBQ. As is often the case, depending on the weather to guarantee a dry day can be a thankless pursuit. When planning that outdoor barbeque, with family and friends expected, there’s nothing worse than looking out the window to see an ominous black cloud quickly rolling overhead. Rather than cramming everyone indoors, wouldn’t it be better to have the best of both worlds? What you want is the feeling of being outside yet avoiding a drop of rain. This is where a uPVC conservatory can prove its worth.
A lot of people may be unsure regarding conservatory prices in the UK, due partly to our unpredictable weather and the idea that they’re only really useful on warm, sunny days. This isn’t particularly true at all, when used efficiently, conservatories can be used all year round. People use them not only as sun lounges but as offices, bedrooms, second living rooms and playrooms. Adding a conservatory, quite simply, gives you more living space. This can be especially useful for a growing family, looking at the options of extension or moving home.
Although conservatory prices may seem costly, they can often prove cheaper than moving to a bigger property. Even for the price of decorating a new home, that money could go some way to purchasing a perfectly nice conservatory.
With a conservatory you get fantastic natural light, making it a unique room in your house. With the large amount of glass, it looks and feels like no other room and can really lift your mood on a bright day. Even on a rainy day, they can be very relaxing, especially with good heating. The sound of rain against the roof whilst you remain warm and dry indoors.
In the evenings they also offer a wonderful ambience, making them perfect for dining rooms. What better way to enjoy your meal as the sun goes down and the sky above you turns to dusk?
Then of course, they offer a great transition from indoors to the garden. It helps bring the natural feel of the garden in to the house, especially if complemented by a nice patio or decking area. It can give your home a limitless feel, as you’re not restricted by 4 solid walls. They are perfect for garden parties and barbeques, as they allow guests plenty of space to sit or stand, in complete shelter, while enjoying the sights of the garden. It also helps keep people together rather than having a few people sitting outside, with others indoors and out of sight.
There are many benefits that certainly outweigh a conservatory price tag so why not take another look for yourself and think about investing for the summer?

By Muezza