Choosing Wholesale Tiles

About Tiles…

Tiles for bathrooms or kitchens are a great investment – whether you’re buying them for one of your own room renovations, or you want to buy them in bulk wholesale so that you can sell them on. They offer a whole range of advantages on your walls in rooms where you’re likely to be dealing with water, soap, dirt, food and other types of mess that you just won’t get from anything else. Let’s have a look at the advantages and various types of tiles to demonstrate just what a good investment wholes sale tiles really are.

First of all, there is a massive selection of different types of tiles available. You can get stone tiles for example – granite, marble etc; or ceramic tiles. While stone tiled areas offer a slightly classier (and truly timeless) look that will also prove to be far more durable they are also slightly more expensive. For a smaller investment, ceramic tiles have many of the same advantages but at a much smaller price (both the price of the tiles themselves and the price of replacing them are much lower). Both also come in a variety of different designs and colours, though ceramic tiles have the edge perhaps in the number of styles available. With stone you can get a variety of different colours but these are mostly natural hues – from grey to charcoal to sandstone colouring which usually comes with either the ‘warped’ marble look or the speckled look of granite. These are all timeless styles that won’t clash with anything, but also don’t show up dirt or mess too badly.

With tiles you can any colour you want including plain white. You can then use this to create patterns with the differently coloured tiles to create almost a mosaic effect, or can use differently coloured tiles as borders or dividing lines. More interestingly you can also get tiles with patterns painted onto to each one, opening up a whole range of floral patterns etc. If you buy plain tiles wholesale you can even add some designs to them yourself. Some ceramic tiles will also mimic the appearance of the stone tiles. Finally you can select a range of different shapes and sizes for your tiles to suit any bathroom or kitchen.

A great thing about tiles is that they are so easy to clean, and are also resilient to dirt and water. With a smooth and shiny surface, anything that gets spilled or splattered can easily be wiped off with a jay cloth or some water making them great for such places. This is very different from paint or wallpaper which is far easier to stain and absorbs moisture. This can also be a problem for rooms subjected to a lot of condensation such as the bathroom and as the walls absorb moisture it can often lead to mould or damage that just won’t happen with tiles.

Tiles are also far more resilient and less likely to become chipped or damaged. In the case of ceramic tiles it’s also very cheap and easy to replace individual tiles (which is another good reason to buy them in bulk). With wallpaper or paint the entire wall has to be replaced.

By Muezza