Cheaper Storage Alternatives Within the Bathroom

You probably know that you need additional storage within the bathroom, but you are probably unsure of where to start. There are many products available to help alleviate storage woes within the bathroom. Some of these products are affordable and only cost a few dollars, whereas other products are unfortunately quite costly.

There are two ways to approach your expenditure on these items. You need to think whether you are looking for a cheap and simple solution to have a tidier bathroom, or you are looking for something more expensive that will enhance the value of your bathroom, and ultimately your home.

Cheap and simple fixings such as plastic shelves and plastic towel rails can help you keep a neater bathroom. The towel rails will provide a means of hanging your towels neatly by the sink, rather than having them thrown on the side of the bath or on the floor. The plastic shelves provide space to hold your face wash, razors, gels, etc. Plastic will discolor over time, so this is only a suitable short term solution. An alternative is to rather use materials such as chrome, brushed nickel or even copper. These materials are more expensive, but they look good and will last for many years.

For additional storage, you will be looking for extra cupboard space. You can find free standing cupboards or cupboards that are fixed to the wall above the sink. This depends on the available floor space you have available and the available wall space as well. You can find these cupboards made from a variety of materials such as chipboard for the cheaper units to solid wood for the more expensive furniture.

The shower tends to have many products placed on the floor as each family member tends to have their own items that they use. It is worth investing in a few shelves to store these items onto. The shelves can be made from chrome, plastic or glass. If you do not want to go to the trouble of attaching the shelves to the wall, or you require a cheaper solution, you can also buy a shower caddy instead.

Shower caddies are very portable and are extremely cheap. Most caddies are made from either chrome or plastic. The chrome caddies are not expensive at all so it is worth buying chrome over plastic. They can be hung from the shower head or alternatively they can be hung from the shower wall or the shower door. You can even buy free standing units, but they do tend to get in the way.

By Muezza