Lighting plays a critical role in the design and functionality of outdoor spaces, and choosing the right type of lighting is essential for creating a beautiful and safe environment. While LED and incandescent landscape lights are both popular options, the question remains: can you mix the two?

Why LED and Incandescent Bulbs Should Not Be Mixed

While the different bulbs might light up when you turn on the fixture, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should use them all together. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than incandescent lamps. Although it does reduce electric bills, it can also cause problems when mixed with other types. Incandescent bulbs consume more power and LED lights flicker when the light fixture is confused about which power source to use.

Another problem is the heat generated by incandescent lamps. The majority of LED lights are made up of a mixture of metal and plastic parts. The delicate plastic parts won’t be damaged by the low heat and power of LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are different. They produce 90% of their heat and can melt plastic, which is a fire hazard that may not be worth the risk. It’s not a problem if they are very close together. However, it is probably not worth the risk given how inexpensive light bulbs are.

Is It Safe to Mix Led and Incandescent Bulbs?

We mentioned that mixing different types of bulbs is not safe. Incandescent bulbs draw more power than LEDs. Flickering lights can be a problem as the fixture might not be designed to deliver different power levels. The LED bulbs’ components can also be damaged by heat. The bulb will be destroyed if the plastic parts melt.

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By Muezza