6 Ways to Heat Up Your Bathroom Experience

Most people are considering the idea of turning their bathrooms into a little rest and restoration haven. There are few bathroom furniture ideas that can compete for this since every piece of furniture is in itself a unique creation. The variety in their looks and functionality makes it all worthwhile when considering the best choice for a full bathroom renovation.

Some fixtures are designed to focus on making bathing an enjoyable experience. Heated towel rails are a good example of such. They address the dreaded cold that many experience one they step out of the shower to dry. Commonly known as the cold towel in winter feel, these towels heaters come to save the day and tackle the dreaded cold shower.

The best thing about them is that they are both efficient and inexpensive if looked at as heaters. The energy they need is similar to that needed by a light bulb. In addition, the same amount of energy is used to generate heat that tends to be instrumental in getting rid of the humid air and the misty look that covers the mirrors as well.

There is a wide variety of these furnishings and they include

Free standing rails

They are not to be mounted or supported against anything in the bathroom but rather to stand in a safe and secure section of the bath area.

Shelf rails

These are contained within the shelf therefore the towel hangs to dry in the enclosed space over the rail. They are preferred for small bathrooms.

Floor to ceiling rails

As the name suggests, these run from the top of the bathroom to the floor and as they generate heat, they do so not just to the towel but to the entire area as well.

Wall mounted rails

The rails in this case are mounted against the wall and remain fixed to it. This is ideal for a small home. The fixture is kept well out of the way that has limited space.

Hydronic rails

These rails tap into the hot water system in the shower. They are a great consideration in heating and are preferred because their operating cost is low.

Electric rails

These rails are plugged into a power source from which they get energy to dry the towels.

In addition to the above, these rails are practical for other items such as socks that can also be placed on them to dry. They help to bring down the fog and mist thus helping with visibility in the bathroom. Their heating properties will condense the bathroom air and help cut down on mold.

By Muezza