There’s times when people are especially happy about their air conditioning. One of those times is right as the hot weather starts to roll in. However, this also marks the time when people think about their air conditioning for another reason. Because it’s right around this time that people discover their AC units no longer work.

This usually happens with older units. But a newer installation can have similar problems. One installs it in preparation for the summer heat. And when the time comes to really run it seriously for the first time it just doesn’t live up to the task. If it were an older unit the problem would probably come down to wear and tear of some kind. But with a newer unit it typically has to do with an issue regarding the installation.

1. Unexpected water due to uneven condenser pan

AC units will often accumulate some condensation as a natural result of the system’s operation. However, this condensation needs to go somewhere. If liquid starts to appear around an AC unit then it could mean quite a few things. But the most common issue is a water leak due to an uneven condenser pan. This is especially true for a new air conditioning installation.

This is one of the more common and the more easily repaired issues. It basically just calls for realignment of the condenser pan inside the AC unit. This may be possible on one’s own. But some designs will call for experts to handle it. One should also check the unit’s alignment. The angle of the AC might be incorrect.

2. Inefficient performance due to clogged filters

It’s important to keep in mind that people in most areas aren’t running their AC units year round. This can create some issues when it’s finally time to turn it on. One of the biggest problems with this intermittent use comes from the fact that filters tend to get clogged up over a span of months. And then when the unit is turned on it struggles to compensate for the reduced airflow. This can even be true for a new air conditioning installation. All that’s really required is for a unit to sit around for a while.

The solution to this problem is fairly simple. One just needs to replace the filters on the AC unit. An expert can assist in this process. But one can usually do it himself pretty easily as well. The majority of home units are designed to make filter replacement a simple task.

3. Water leaks due to conditions outdoors

Water leaks aren’t always due to a faulty or misaligned pan. Debris from outdoors can also cause issues with the condenser. This is most typically seen with older units. In large part due to the fact that over time dirt, grass or even insects can clog parts of the system. However, people who set their new AC unit up in advance of the heat will sometimes have to deal with this as well.

4. Temperature not cooling properly due to faulty insulation

To keep an area cold one needs to keep warm air from coming in. Likewise cold can’t escape back outside. If the AC unit seems to have trouble keeping a home properly cooled than it’s often a problem with insulation. For a new unit one will typically see this around the unit itself. One should ensure that the area directly around the AC unit is properly sealed up. Even small holes between an AC unit and the outdoors can have a massive impact on performance.

5. Inefficiency due to electrical problems

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that an AC unit uses quite a bit of electrical power. With a new installation one often uses more power in a room than has typically been drawn on before. This can highlight issues with the home’s wiring. Likewise, improper installation can also cause problems with the unit’s internal electrical components. This typically manifests as a burning smell.

By Muezza