Choosing A Medicine Cabinet

There are times when we can’t help having coughs and colds or bruises and other small medical emergencies. When you have children in the household, these can be quite frequent scenarios. Kids can get very rowdy when they play and they can end up with scratches on their skin. They can also put their fingers in their mouths without minding how this could expose them to common bacteria and viruses. This is why a place for first-aid and over-the-counter medicines must be provided within the home so timely remedies can be given. You can always put the stuff in your bag or a shelf, but it’s good to have a common spot in the house where you can just go and pick up what you need.

Medicine cabinets are undoubtedly a must in every home. But not any cabinet will do, if you really want it to serve its purpose. There are things you must look into when deciding which among the different products is best. To help you choose, the following are some tips:


Most people put their medicine cabinets in the bathroom where they also need to put in other stuff such as shampoos, soap, makeup, etc. To put a sense of organization into that cabinet, you’d like to get one that has enough compartments so you can effectively arrange the items that go in. For example, if you only have two divisions, you could have problems separating toiletries from antibacterial ointments. Those are not very healthy things to combine, so as much as possible, get a cabinet where you can clearly define the lines. Also get one that leaves you enough room for other items you might decide add in the future.


If you do plan to put your medicine cabinet in the bathroom, then you need to decide how much space you have for that swinging door. No need to think about this if space is not an issue. But for smaller bathrooms, this can be a problem. You wouldn’t want to hit your head with that door when someone forgets to close it. You can also choose to have your cabinet surface-type, which protrudes from your wall, or recessed. Obviously, if you don’t have that much space, recessed is better.


When you talk about durability of your medicine cabinet, you have to consider what it’s made of. Certain materials will not hold up against bathroom humidity, so you need to be careful on this one. Plastic appears to be the best choice, along with aluminum and wood. The hinges should also be durable enough to survive all that opening and closing, especially when you have kids who can play with that door.


When you have children, it’s must to choose a cabinet with a lock. You know how kids can be, and if you don’t want to take chances with them ingesting what they shouldn’t, then a lock is absolutely necessary.

By Muezza