Feeling as if your home blends in from the rest of the neighborhood? If you want your home to be as distinctive as you, it’s an excellent idea to make some exterior renovations. Here are three tried and true tips that will take your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

1. Improve Your Landscaping

Enhancing the appearance of your landscaping is the single best thing you can do to improve your home’s overall curb appeal. It’s no secret that transforming a landscape, and keeping it maintained, can be a lot of work. It’s best to leave this work to a professional service for landscaping Memphis TN. By consulting the professionals, you’ll ensure that your lawn is lush, your trees are healthy and your flowers are in bloom.

2. Add Outdoor Lighting

It’s no secret that lighting can be used to set the tone of any space, and this still applies to outdoor spaces. Install a system of outdoor lighting to properly highlight the special features of your home’s exterior and your landscaping. Use spotlights throughout the yard to showcase interesting vignettes in your landscape and to bathe your exterior walls in light. An additional tip is to add solar-powered lanterns along paths and walkways to make your grounds look even more inviting.

3. Renovate Your Garage Door

Your garage door is a significant component of curb appeal. You don’t need to completely replace your current door to give it a new look. If you have a wood door, a fresh coat of gel stain, followed by an appropriate sealer, will make your door look new again. Metal doors only need a coat of paint or a vinyl wrap. These projects can be done in a weekend and provide great bang for your buck.

Making curb appeal renovations is always a smart investment. When you complete these three projects, you’ll see just how unique and attractive your home can be.

By Muezza