Garage doors may not seem versatile or important but having a good but on the contrary they are a means of security, insulation, and a protective shield to keep your things safe from harsh weather. Depending on where you live in the united states and what type of garage you have there are a variety of options for you to choose from. Finding the right type may require a professional to come out and look at the structure of your garage. They will be able to give you a quote and inform you on what would be the best suited for your house as well as a number to call for emergency garage door repairs.

The most common and popular garage style is called a sectional which is made up of separate panels. Standard homes in the United States come with them already installed. As the garage door opens the separate panels bend to curve into the top of the garage. Tiny wheels pull them up on the track. Most if not all sectionals are made of metal and require very little maintenance. If you want to upgrade you can change the color, add window inserts, and come insulated.

Roll up garage doors are more common in commercial buildings rather than homesteads but they are a good type of door for garages with limited ceiling space. They roll up or coil into one another almost like folding an accordion to maximize use without taking up much room. These units can be made enclosed to help longevity, protect from weather and hard rain, and prevent rust. They are considered heavy duty because they are able to withstand much more hardship than normal sectional garage doors and will cost you more upfront. But if you live in a place with constant harsh weather this style may be more beneficial to you in the long run.

An uncommon but sometimes more preferred style are garage doors that slide to the side rather than roll up to the ceiling. This type of garage door was actually one of the first operating garage styles and like the roll up is meant for places with limited head room.

Everything always tends to come back in style at one point or another and recently the old school side hinged doors have become a commodity among homeowners. Much like an actual front door to your house these garage doors swing open on a hinge and tend to mimic a large barn door. They can be stylized to fit your aesthetic and can be automatized with special conversion arms if you still want the luxury of opening your garage with a remote.

Tilt up or canopy garage doors also rely on a hinge but move up vertically rather than opening horizontally. These doors extend past the front of the house, if your garage is connected, and sit parallel to the garage when closed. If you have enough room in your driveway these doors can be the perfect simple but stylized add on to your home’s aesthetic.

Having a garage is a great way to protect cars, items you want to keep in storage for the time being, and loads of other stuff like summer bikes and toys during the winter months. Just like having good locks on your house having a good garage door means protection from weather and unwanted intruders. Some thieves go for an unprotected and easy to break garage door rather than a house due to security. If your garage door gets damaged it is important to know who to call for emergency garage door repair services. Why pay all that money for a good garage just to let it sit broken?

By Muezza