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Black Sparkly Quartz Worktops

Black sparkly Quartz worktops provide an incredibly beautiful effect to any decor, whether it is used in a kitchen, a bathroom or the foyer of a hotel. Created from a mixture of Quartz, pigments, white and silver fragments and resin, these worktops are extremely durable and will retain their beautiful appearance for years, with only a minimum of maintenance required.
The highly fashionable, sparkling elegance of these worktops makes them an ideal choice not only for homes or hotels, but for the reception area of any business, as well as representing an excellent choice as countertops for shops, bars, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. In short, wherever a low maintenance, easy to clean and durable worktop with magnificent looks is needed, black sparkly Quartz worktops offer the perfect solution.
Available choices include a range of different effects, from the subtle sparkle provided by finishes such as the Starlight Black by Technistone, Stone Italiana’s Luce Nero or Silestone’s Negro Tebas, through the effect created by the tiny fragments in the Prisma Nero finish by Silestone, the Savana choice offered by Cimstone or Caesar Stone’s Ebony Reflections and the Nero Stelline finish offered by Arenastone, to the bright sparkle achieved with the finish known as Negro Luciente by Quarella.
Whatever the choice, these worktops will add a special touch to the look of any area in which a worktop or countertop may be required. Like all Quartz worktops, these finishes are stain, chip and scratch resistant, making them ideal for any purpose. From food preparation at home to handing over drinks in a bar, Quartz worktops will remain scratch-free and even the heavy use in a busy restaurant will do no harm.
Spills can be mopped up easily and will not soak into the material, ensuring that stains are also avoided. The highly polished finish does not require polishing, but can be maintained through simple routine cleaning, which involves nothing more than water and a mild household cleaner. The only thing that needs to be avoided to prevent any kind of damage is putting extremely hot articles straight onto the surface. Although the material is heat resistant, prolonged exposure may cause some damage.
In short, adding a black sparkly worktop or countertop to any environment will provide a touch of classy elegance, while at the same time being durable enough to withstand even heavy use, requiring very little maintenance and being extremely cost effective.…

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Black Bathroom Fixtures – Add a Sleek Look

If you’re purchasing a new home or remodelling a bathroom, then you may want to consider adding black bathroom fixtures for a sleeker look. Many people are stuck on the old white, chrome and stainless steel products. It is understandable to think that adding black to your bathroom may make it look dark and even odd. However, these fixtures are becoming a lot more popular and companies are keeping up with supply.
It will take a certain person with a certain taste to add black fixtures in the bathroom. People who like clean, new and sexy looks are encouraged to go with these options. Black adds boldness to any room and will stand out. You do not have to get crazy with it, but simply make it more subtle. The best thing you can change to black in a bathroom would be the faucets. These will stand out on a light-colored counter. Towel racks, rods, light fixtures and framed mirrors in black on a light painted wall would be a great style to any bathroom as well. You can also get into smaller items such as door handles and brackets.
The most common fixtures in black that are being installed in bathrooms are sinks, tubs and toilets. These blend in very well when set against the right flooring (such as tile) and with a modern paint job on the walls. The great thing about these fixtures is that they seem to clean up better and shine a lot longer. What used to be taboo and expensive is now in demand and affordable. The costs of these items are no more than that of typical colors and finishes.
Adding black bathroom fixtures will take away from the bland, normal white, although one of the cleanest and most popular looks are black accessories with white walls. The great thing about adding black fixtures is that they go with many colors. It is your bathroom and you will have to see it everyday. If done properly, adding these fixtures to your bathroom will make it look a lot sleeker.…