Keys To Successfully Paint Or Stain Your Kitchen Dresser

When it comes to your kitchen everything has to be perfect! It’s an area where people are all the time, especially when you have guests come over. Your kitchen dresser looks lovely there in the corner, but eventually you need to spruce it up a bit. Years ago these were used for cooling porridge and preparing meats, but today they offer a quaint appeal to any home. So make sure you keep it in the best shape possible.

You probably already know that wood furniture needs repainted from time to time. If your kitchen dresser needs restored then take the time to find the right kitchen paint and kitchen designs to beautify your kitchen. However, there are a few things to consider when painting your kitchen dresser:

Consider a wood stain as an alternative

This can be the perfect choice if you want to enhance the look of the wood instead of covering it. Just like kitchen paint, stains are available in a variety of hues. When you take this route the wood keeps its natural allure, since the stain doesn’t penetrate the pores of the wood. However, it’s always important to remember that when you stain you have to add a finish to protect it.

Sand before painting

If you’re going to paint your kitchen dresser then you need to sand it down. This gets rid of those imperfections so you can add primer and paint evenly. We do recommend sanding it outdoors. Your kitchen dresser contains lead-based paint, which is not healthy at all. Too much can lead to memory loss and even high blood pressure.

Kitchen Designs – Think About Color

Sometimes scheming can be a good thing. When selecting designer kitchen paint for kitchen dressers, consider creating an overall color scheme. This doesn’t mean that every furniture piece in your kitchen has to be the exact same hue. However, creating a color scheme can help to bring together the whole kitchen. Neutral colors are some of the best ones, since they match with any color in the kitchen. You could also mix and match primary colors, secondary colors, or complementary colors. Also, you could use the color of kitchen dressers as an accent for the other d?�cor in the kitchen.

Always add Primer

This is not an option! Adding primer prepares the wood to properly be painted. It doesn’t matter if you choose a spray or the brush version, because both work well. Then again; if you have a large surface we would recommend the brush-on primer. If you do this you will be able to apply your coat evenly.

Just by using kitchen paint or stain, your kitchen dresser will look better than ever. It will also help the process run smoother, so dress up your kitchen dresser correctly!

By Muezza