Is It Easy to Clean Cookware?

Want to secure your family’s health? Cleaning is an important process that needs to be carried out regularly after finishing your meals. Kitchenware products that are used for a wide range of food preparation must be cleaned properly to prevent bacterial growth and improve its longevity.

Cookware products such as cooking vessels, frying pans and sauce pans needs to be cleaned using effective cleaning techniques because they are prone to various stains and dirt. Besides, cookware products are manufactured using different metals such as aluminum, cast-iron, clay and enamel and copper. Hence, it is important to find effective cleaning methods.

Before starting the cleaning process, you need to wear protective gloves to secure your skin from harmful cleaning chemicals such as vinegar.

Some effective cleaning methods are listed below:

– Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid unnecessary damages to the cookware products. Some chemical cleaning substances can destroy the cookware’s interior lining and other protective coatings quickly.

– Lower the flames to avoid heat stains on the sides of the pans. You must allow the cookware products to cool before beginning the cleaning process. Since, sudden temperature changes can affect the cookware.

– Usually, if the stains and dirt are fresh, you can remove those stains instantly using ordinary cleaning methods such as dishwasher. So, try to clean the kitchenware products quickly after finishing the meals.

– For tough stains, you need to soak the products in antibacterial dish soap and warm water solutions for a few minutes. Warm water has the ability to reduce the hardness of the stains, while antibacterial dish soap can destroy the harmful bacteria in time.

– When the product is soaked for a few minutes, you can make use of a brush and soap to remove the stains. If the cookware has discoloring due to irregular cleaning, you can soak the cookware in baking soda and warm water solution. After soaking for a few minutes, use brush or dishwasher to remove the discoloring completely.

– If you are using aluminum cookware, you must not use dishwasher or soak in soap solutions to clean because it might cause discoloration. You can make use of baking soda and water to remove its stains.

– For copper cookware, you need to use vinegar solution to get rid of its discoloration. You can even find commercial copper cleaners that are specifically designed to clean copper utensils without damaging their outer lining.

These are some simple ways to clean cookware products effectively.

By Muezza