You need an electrician, but you don’t know enough to choose one even from electrical sites. The man you chose has told you, the house needs a new electrical box and new wiring in one section of your house that was re-wired to meet code just before you bought the house. The cost has just escalated tremendously. Your gut tells you something is not right.


In this case trust your gut. Get an opinion and quote from All Day Electrician.

The internet is a great source of information, but today, we can’t trust it. Really check. Decide when you start to really take your time and do some decent research. Ask for recommendations from friends, businesses, contractors, and then follow up on their suggestions.


While we don’t want an electrician to make work for himself we do need to know about any serious or dangerous problems that need to be repaired. A good electrician will point out these necessary repairs.


Clarify your needs and try to give the contractor a realistic timeframe. Be realistic and work with him but don’t let him leave you waiting while he takes care of another job.


How To Choose An Electrician

It is wise to carefully select an electrician. It’s not like other fields. Wrong electrical work can cause fires later and needless extra cost. Electricians need to be certified. The work they do must pass state inspection. Take a bit of time and research your selection.


  1. Get several quotes. All quotes should be free and written and then compare. It is wise to suspect an electrician who finds problems where there is none to raise the job and price.


  1. Ask sufficient questions to get a more accurate quote. Is the job hourly rate? What supplies will be needed and are they included in the quote? Inspection or permit fees are included? Ask if the electrician specializes in a particular area like general house, security, new home, etc. 


  1. Check that the electrician holds the proper licenses including liability insurance. Don’t be shy at asking to see credentials.


  1. Check out their recommendations, such as real estate agents who they have worked with and built up a good working relationship.


  1. Check that any licenses needed for the project will be taken care of by the electrician. Also, any final inspection will be taken care of and you will receive final proof that the job is complete.


  1. Be sure you will be comfortable with this electrician in your home or business. Get a written agreement before the work begins.


The serious matter of needing an Electrician

Electrics issues are a serious matter. Even if the job seems small, most of us shy away from anything much more complex than this. We may have heard stories that scared us, someone who got a terrible or life taking shock .Or we stuck something sharp in a wall socket and got a shock. We don’t forget. Electric wiring is beyond us. This should be taken care of by a qualified electrician like All Day Electrician with their high standards.


Maybe you don’t need more than having your light bulbs changed or your light bulbs blow out too regularly and too soon. Most of us think that those problems are too small for an electrician, but if circumstances warrant it, an electrician is a perfect fit. An electrician can’t help telling you about a problem he sees that might be tragic if not resolved. Choosing the right electrician requires careful consideration.


By Muezza