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Bathroom Fixtures

More than likely, you will want to replace your bathroom fixtures during a bathroom remodel. When it comes to bathroom fixtures, you have a wide range of choices, depending on which area of the bathroom you’re working with. To assist you in choosing the best fixtures for your bathroom, we’ve put together some helpful information Faucets for the bathroom are available in a huge variety of shapes and styles so you can be assured of finding exactly what you want. In addition, many faucets are offered with matching bathroom accessories such as towel bars or robe hooks for the bathroom. The main point to consider when looking for a new faucet is whether you will be replacing the sink or keeping the existing one. Depending on the sink, you may or may not be able to use a specific faucet, since the sink may need to be drilled to accommodate the new faucet. It is also strongly advised that you select a faucet cast in brass, copper or another high-quality material as they will generally last longer. To minimize the chance of a leak, you may also want to consider choosing a faucet that uses a washerless design.
In addition to the faucet, it is also crucial to put some thought into the bathroom sink if you don’t have a lot of space in the bathroom. You can free up space in your bathroom if your sink doesn’t need to be installed into a vanity or counter. When it comes to sinks, there are several different types to choose from. Drop-In is a common sink type that is installed with the edges of the sink resting on top of the bathroom counter or vanity top. Undermount is a popular alternative to the drop-in type this sink type is installed below the level of the counter. It is easier to clean and more attractive than a drop-in sink. Vessel is a innovative sink variation that places the sink bowl on top of the counter. The bowl is generally made from glass, china or other attractive materials.Pedestal. The sink is mounted on a pedestal rather than a counter, allowing space to be freed up around the sink and helps to conceal the plumbing under the sink behind the pedestal. Wall-Mounted is much like the pedestal design, a wall-mounted sink frees up space around the sink although the plumbing is exposed underneath.
In addition to the sink and faucets, there are a wide range of options available to customize your shower to meet your needs and wants. If you simply want to replace your showerhead, there are many attractive options available including low-flow showerheads that will allow you to conserve water, or you might wish to implement a handheld showerhead, allowing you to easily wash your hair or hard-to-reach places. One other great option that has become popular is the rain shower – this design places the showerhead on the ceiling and simulates the feel of showering in the rain or under a waterfall.
While it may not be as exciting as the rest of the bathroom, the toilet is another area to consider during a bathroom remodel. In particular, you may want to consider a toilet that is a bit higher than the normal height for a toilet, which can be more comfortable for most people to sit on. Toilets also come in wall-mounted or floor-mounted designs as well as a range of classic and modern looks. If you’ve got a particular color scheme in mind for the bathroom, you can even get a designer toilet in a color that matches your bathroom.…

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Remodel Kitchen

How to Install Wood Floors

If a plank wood flooring or traditional strips of wood are laid on the sub floor and then it requires finishing for completion of the flooring. However, newer pre-finished wood strips are also available in the market, and do not require any finishing. In case of installation of wood floors were to be done professionally in that case any of the two options could be opted for, however if the “do-it-yourself” option is chosen then it is better to go with the finished planks as it can leave marks in the hands of an amateur. However, it is advised that professionals should be allocated for this job.
However let us first discuss the steps to installing wood floors.
Step one:
Calculation of surface area
Take measurements of the entire place which needs to be covered with flooring. Moreover normally the length is taken alongside the longest wall and for a bigger area possibly the direction alongside where the traffic moves the maximum. The purchase of the flooring needs to be done with the square footage keeping the wastage component in mind. Moreover, acclimatize the wood planks and allow it to get used to the property’s humidity level.
Step two
Prepare the sub floor
Clear and surface the entire floor which will be floored. Moreover, cover the sub floor with a thick layer of asphalt felt. Spacers need to be put alongside the wall for provision of expansion.
Step three
Trimming of door casing
All the bottoms of doors as well other areas need to be trimmed such that the flooring can slip easily under the door. An underlayment along with the flooring needs to be kept as a provision.
Step four
Start laying the first course
The longest or the widest planks will be for the first row. The first row then needs to be face nailed through the plywood of the sub floor.
Step five
Laying the remaining course
The next two rows need to be blind nailed. Moreover while installing the second row and each row thereafter a short piece of flooring needs to hammered and tightened against the previous row. The end joints should be wider than possibly 6 inches and the joints should not be over those of the sub floor.
In case if the surface area to be floored is a large one then, a flooring nailer needs to be used after the first three rows. This is to avoid scratching or damage to the floor. On reaching the last ledge, a pry bar and a block needs to be utilized to tightly drill the planks into position. In case of any change in level while the new flooring, a reducer strip needs to be installed which is rounded or beveled which fits in smoothly. On the other hand it can be butted against the grooves or the edges as well.
Step six
Lastly, the baseboard molding needs to be reinstalled. Moreover the spacers against the walls need to be removed and the extras need to be trimmed for neatening of the entire flooring.
• The life of the wood floors is usually anything between 10-25 years. This is dependent on the maintenance by the individual. Apart from the regular cleaning and dusting, various solutions and pastes are available for polishing and maintenance.…

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Remodel Kitchen

Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Do have a difficult time trying to find the items that you need in your garage? There may be a lot of useful tools and gadgets hiding in there, but it may be almost impossible to find what you need at the time that you need it. I know that I have even found myself going out to the hardware store to by a tool that I know I have, just so I don’t have to go and search for it! Getting your this useful area organized should be on your list of things to do this spring, and putting together a bit of a plan is a good way to make sure that your project doesn’t fall by the wayside this year. It makes for a great weekend project, especially while the weather is still cool this time of year, and you’ll find that it was indeed time well spent when you’re able to locate a tool, piece of lawn equipment or a sporting good quickly and without the usual hassle.
Hand and power tools, lawn equipment and bicycles are all examples of the items that we commonly look to store in our garages, and as it is actually one of the largest rooms in our home, with proper organization you will find that there are so many more household items that you can store. This will free up room inside of your home, creating space for the items that we tend to use on a more frequent basis. You’ll find that when your project is complete and the space is properly utilized, you will be able to store everything from surplus food to toys and games.
With today’s garage storage units, cabinets and organizers you’ll be able to store just about anything that you might normally store in your closet, attic or basement. With a well-designed storage system you will be able to keep your items safe and easy to access, with a place for nearly everything.
One area in particular that is often ignored for storage purposes is the overhead space. You can easily take advantage of an empty ceiling simply by adding an overhead garage storage system. This productively utilizes a large amount of space for storing seasonal items and bulky things that may normally be difficult to find a place for such as tents, kayaks and other heavy sporting equipment. Building a system like this can be as simple as a quick do it yourself set-up, or there are a wide variety of ceiling storage systems on the market that are designed to be quick and easy to install, while being durable and easy to maintain and access. This systems are generally designed to be suspended from the ceiling joists or rafters.
The ceiling-mounted units come in a number of different weight capacities and sizes. Most of these units are made to be adjustable, as their tends to be a great number of variations between an open garage door and the ceiling from house to house. Once installed and properly organized, your new system will provide you and your family with much needed extra space so that you can create an indoor work space or maybe even do what your garage was actually built for – parking your car inside of it!…