Bathroom Remodeling – Beverly Hills

Bathroom remodeling in Beverly Hills is the focal point of the industry. Ideas are born there, and it’s where the best of the best come to practice their trade. With brilliant creativity and fierce competition, companies are constantly pushing the envelope to stay ahead of the curve. What this means for the home owner are limitless options and competitive pricing.

Beverly Hills is located in the western part of the Los Angeles basin. Together with Bel Air and Holmby hills they form the “platinum triangle” of neighborhoods known for their gorgeous homes and famous residents. The average family income is well over 100,000 dollars, and the average home price is in the area of 1.6 million dollars. It boasts the single most expensive housing market in the United States, and the average homes here are typically considered “luxurious” to “ultra luxurious.”

Bathrooms in the Beverly Hills area are also luxurious. They range from wide open spaces that can accommodate both a bathtub and a shower, to slightly smaller configurations packed with amenities of every conceivable design.

Most bathrooms in Beverly Hills come with what are called luxury showers. These are showers which are enclosed in cubicles that the home owner can install in a large corner of the bathroom. These types of showers can be upgraded with all the modern conveniences you’d expect to see in a luxury home. They can come with Massage jets that emit water at pulsating beats for a full body massage, to steam showers that offer a refreshing vapor that opens pores and loosens sore muscles.

Custom made vanities are also a great option for the large bathroom. When there is a lot of space to work with, home owners can team up with their renovation specialist to create designs that are both artistic and practical. Vanities can be constructed with materials including wood, slate, stone, and even glass. And for the home owner with exceedingly artistic tastes, antique furniture can be outfitted with modern sinks, drawers, and plumbing. With the right combination of creativity and inspiration, virtually any idea is possible.

Tiles are also very popular for luxury bathrooms. Tiles are durable, water resistant, and they come in an array of sizes and colors. Putting a border on a tiled floor can help with the solemn feeling common with large bathrooms, and tiling up the wall can make the bathroom feel warmer and more inviting.

By Muezza