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Basement Renovations

American Standard Toilets – A Full Review

When homeowners decide it’s time to remodel their bathrooms, the question “which toilet should we buy?” becomes inevitable. However, savvy homeowners routinely go with American Standard toilets. Their products exceed expectations in various capacities.
Aside from toilets, American Standard has a vast array of products that are designed to match the needs of every consumer. American Standard toilets separate themselves from the rest of the pack with a trendy, fashion-forward appearance that will spruce up any bathroom. An identifying attribute of these toilets is the elongated oval shape.
Besides their physical appearance, American Standard toilets deliver on the customers’ demand for functionality. One innovative technology, “Everclean,” delivers on the most important aspect of toilets; the ability to stay sanitary. Installed within the piping of the toilet, “Everclean” technology is becoming more desirable by many. It shields them from common contaminants. The benefit is that your toilet will remain clean, and be easy to clean, no matter how much time has passed. These toilets come in a wide array of colors, which allows you the ability to mix and match to create the perfectly-coordinated bathroom.
American Standard goes farther, though. Most of its toilets meet the requirements of the EPA’s Watersense credentials. So your purchase of one of these toilets not only looks stylish in your bathroom, but it does wonders for the environment!
For a sleek one-piece toilet, consider the New Savona. If you’re going with a trendy, modern look for the bathroom, look no farther than this toilet. Best of all, this toilet has a 10-year warranty so you can sleep easy at night.
After over 130 years in operation, American Standard’s reputation precedes it, and rightfully so. Their products are far-reaching, ranging from personal residences to airports. The resiliency of their goods is not only an attribute upon which they pride themselves, but also is part of their legacy. Their products are present in the majority of U.S. residences.
Special care and scrutiny is given to ensure that these toilets conserve natural resources, not to mention money. You do not need to sacrifice to conserve water. One of the most frustrating things about toilets is when they clog. Fortunately, these toilets have been through a thorough design and testing process to minimize the occurrence of clogs.
What it all comes down to is performance and appearance. And for a toilet that gives you both of these, go with an American Standard toilet.…

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Kitchen Appliance – The Dishwasher

Kitchen Appliance – The Dishwasher

There are several kitchen application categories from which to choose your appliance. You can go for built-in ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, small appliances, stoves/ranges and washers and dryers. For those people that love to sip a cool Diet Coke a kitchen appliance such as the Koolatron Diet Coke Fridge can prove to be an interesting option. On the other hand if you need to cook and eat on the outside and you wish to have fun cooking and enjoy well flavored foods there are some excellent stovetop smokers waiting for you.

More Sophisticated

You might also wish to know more about which dishwasher you should go out and purchase. In addition, you will want to know more about what features such a kitchen appliance provides. Today, the dishwasher has become a much more sophisticated kitchen appliance that works quietly looks sleeks and can easily blend in as a cabinet or drawer or even a sink.

The main kinds of dishwashers that you can find being sold on the market today include the built-in standard dishwasher, compact dishwasher, in-sink dishwasher, drawer dishwasher and portable dishwasher. A built-in dishwasher is a standard kitchen appliance that takes up some permanent space in a kitchen and is of course built-in and it comes with drop-down doors and typically costs between two hundred and fifty dollars to sixteen hundred dollars.

Compact dishwashers are a more convenient kitchen appliance that suits people living in small sized apartments or who travel by RV. Such a kitchen appliance would cost about three hundred and fifty dollars and will incorporate standard features that are also found in most standard type of dishwashers. In-sink dishwashers will actually fit inside your kitchen sink and is able to handle small sized loads in double-quick time and so if you want to quickly wash your dirty glasses then this is the right kitchen appliance for you. Priced at around eighteen hundred dollars it is a good buy.

The drawer dishwasher also fits into a sink and it too is suitable for handling small loads in double time and it can double up as extra counter space. A single drawer dishwasher costs about seven hundred dollars while a double drawer dishwasher costs about twelve hundred dollars.

Finally, you might want to check out the portable dishwasher that is an ideal kitchen utility for renters and also for a homeowner that has limited space. Priced at between four hundred and six hundred dollars it is a useful appliance indeed.

It would be safe to say that the refrigerator is a major kitchen appliance and one that should be bought with care. There are several types to choose from including top freezer, bottom freezer, and side-by-side and French door refrigerators. Do not forget about the kitchen sink. Pull out kitchen faucets often to complete the kitchen with minimal effort.…

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Bathroom Furniture Idea For Your Washroom

Bathroom Furniture Idea For Your Washroom

The bathroom is the inevitable part of a house. This is the only place where you can clean and relax yourself with a peaceful shower and groom yourself. Therefore, it is really crucial to invest some times to make the plan so that you can design your washroom in a proper way. A washroom is always incomplete without properbathroom furniture. Thus, it is really necessary to go for a well furniture set up in your washroom. In order to do that, it really important to know the furniture types that can really go with your washroom. Here are some important tips to do that-

In most of the normal households, a small sized washroom is very common. It would be really good to select smaller furniture as it will make your bathroom appear more proportional and saves a good amount space. Space saving is really required for a smaller washroom because a bathroom with enough space always looks very neat and clean.

Always opt for wall hanging cabinets because these are very effective space saving furniture.

Install a medicine cabinet in your washroom. It can make a washroom look very functional.

Always prefer smaller vanity unit for a smaller washroom.

There you can find different types of shelves in the market and washroom shelves come with different types of materials like wood, fiber, plastic, steel, glass etc. if you have kid in your house then it is recommended to avoid glass ones.

Finally, bathroom suites have become the popular choice among the modern house owners because it is a complete package for your washroom.

There are many online manufactures where you can find all the types of furniture with different sizes.…

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Tips To Help You Decide Whether To Trade Up or Remodel Your Home

With everything involved in moving, it may make more sense to remodel your current one than find a new house. The following tips can help you compare your options and make an informed choice.

Assess Your Neighborhood

Assessing where you live right now and how you feel about it is a great place to start when considering a move. If you really enjoy your neighbors, area schools and local amenities, you might want to think about a remodel instead of uprooting your family for a larger home. On the other hand, if the negatives outweigh the positives, then a move could be a great choice.

Make a Dream Home Wish List

The next step is to look at the features you would include in a dream home. Make a list of everything that you would absolutely love to see in your next house. It’s perfectly fine to add items that you may never get, the idea is to generate a list that helps you see where your housing priorities fall.

Identify Your Home’s Limitations

Once that is done, go through your own home. Identify any limitations it has, such as too few bathrooms, small bedrooms or a lack of outdoor play areas. It may be helpful to talk over your needs with a residential contractor Levittown PA to get a clear picture of what it would take to merge the two lists into something you are satisfied with.

Calculate The Real Cost of Moving

Finally, take time to calculate the real costs of moving. If you are staying local, this may not be overly high. However, a move across the state or country can get expensive. Consider prices for moving companies and supplies and be sure to ask utility companies about any required deposits.

Looking at your home’s shortcomings and what you would want in a dream house, determining the real cost of moving and assessing your neighborhood can help you decide between upgrading your home or moving to a new one.…

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Renovation Contractor

Tips For Purchasing A New Tub

More and more people are remodeling their homes rather than buying new ones. That makes sense as you can get the home you want without investing in a shaky market. Of all the home improvement projects, remodeling the bathroom ranks near the very top of the list. For those who want to undertake a bathroom redesign effort, it is important to get a great tub or shower. Bath tubs come in many shapes and colors so that no matter what your taste or need, there is sure to be an outstanding choice available to you. So, let’s take a quick look at a few tips that will allow homeowners to get the perfect tub for their particular needs.
Out of all the criteria to consider such as size, design, material, and color, the size is the most important. If you don’t get one that fits comfortably in your bathroom and the space allocated for the tub, you will never be happy with your choice. Be sure to take very accurate measurements to ensure a good fit. A tub that consumes too much space and makes everything else seem cramped is going to make you regret your choice for many years.
The material used to manufacture the tub is next. Here the most common choices are fiberglass, acrylic, and porcelain. There are also tubs manufactured out of wood and also cast iron, but these are not really used often these days. Out of the possible choices, fiberglass is by far the most often selected since it is relatively inexpensive compared to the others and is easy to maintain. The other materials, in addition to the extra expense to purchase, require higher maintenance. But don’t just dismiss them, take time to look at the options and weigh the cost versus the benefits and get a tub that will last a lifetime at a price that is right for your budget.
While materials and size are important, most people will focus on the design and color when making their decision. The tub is the centerpiece of the bathroom so that is understandable. You want something that is practical but looks good. The good news is that you can get a tub in just about any color imaginable allowing you to match your other fixtures very nicely. Additionally, there are many shapes and designs to choose from, you can get tubs with jets and many other fancy features. Most tubs are the traditional rectangular shape but other shapes such as round, oval, square, or even heart shapes are available. When choosing unique shapes, it is critical to make sure that your measurements are properly taken.
After living in a home for a while, a bathroom remodel is one of the first alterations a homeowner will make with the choice of a tub being the most important decision in the project. There are many really stylish and practical options. Be sure to do your research on the different materials and features that fit your budget and you will make a great choice.…

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Room Additions

Reasons Why You Must Get Cellular Blinds

For more than thirty years, cellular blinds were used in most houses around the world. At the present, these kinds of blinds are gaining back their once booming popularity. Its rebirth is due to one simple reason – they are very beneficial to the house owner.
Before going to the advantages of these blinds, let us first discuss what these really are. Cellular blinds are also sometimes referred to as honeycomb shades. These kinds of blinds are made of cloth often glued or sewn to form a cell with diamond shape. These blinds are better than other blinds because of the reasons below.
These blinds are great in insulation. Their design allows trapping of air in its “honeycomb” cells. The air that is trapped helps in insulating the home and decreasing the heat the windows emit. With this capability, your house will have supply of heat during winter and will stay cool during summer. Because of this, you will be able to use less energy and save money from the cooling and heating expenses.
Another reason why cellular blinds are better is its variety of colors. Every house in the world is different and each room of the house is one of a kind. This type of blinds have different tints and hues that would fit in homes with bold colors, those with light colors and even homes with neutral colors. Because you have wide range of colors that you can choose from, you do not have to redecorate your house just to match with the blinds.
Installation of other kinds of blinds is difficult. However, cellular blinds are easy to install. They are created with the “do-it-yourself” installing concept. There are also a lot of videos online that can give step-by-step instructions on how these blinds can be installed. In installing cellular blinds, you will only need screwdriver, measuring tape, marking pencil and a drill.
Whatever your reason in searching for blinds is, whether it is due to having a new house, home improvement or redecorating, cellular blinds are the wisest and the attractive choice. By buying these, you can save money and time while making your house more charming and appealing.…

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Basement Remodeling

Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Remodeling

Budget your bathroom
Making a budget for your bathroom is essential. A good way to start the remodeling process is to make a list of all the components in your bathroom and research their prices. Next, decide what you’re willing to spend on each so you can effectively estimate the total cost of your bathroom. Allow for some unexpected costs in your budget as well so that there are no huge surprises when the job is complete.
Allow for ample ventilation and light
Abundant light and ventilation will make your remodeled bathroom feel fresh and new. You don’t want to walk into a space that you just spend thousands of dollars on and feel like it’s dark and dingy. A ceiling fixture is perfect for general lighting in a bathroom, but lights installed over the vanity will truly be a great addition to your space. This way there will be no shadows when you look in the mirror and the space will be bright and airy.
Ventilation is crucial because when there is static, moist air mold and mildew may make a home on finishes and painted surfaces. A bathroom fan is the best defense for this as well as a window with a screen so that air can flow in and out of your newly remodeled space.
Consider resale value
Trends are always coming in and going out so make sure to consider the possible homeowner that may purchase your home in the future. Spend money only where it is due to receive the biggest payback down the road. By covering the basics- paint, updated lighting, re-caulking, and old vanity replacement- you can surely make more than you spent
Rush the process
Expecting your bathroom remodel to be done tomorrow is unreasonable. To get the job done right the fist time, it’s important that everything takes the appropriate amount of time. Hire skilled contractors that will take their time and complete the job at an efficient pace. If things are done too quickly, small things can be overlooked and cost you in the end.
Planning your remodel weeks or even months ahead of time till help move things along because there is a plan being followed. Commit to a plan and don’t try to rush it.
Forget about storage
Bathroom storage is often overlooked because it is not something that comes to mind when the words “bathroom remodel” are said. Although this may be true, running from the shower to the hallway linen closet is not fun. A closet inside the bathroom is ideal, but even a small shelf or chest that houses your towels and essentials would do the trick. Also, make sure you have enough storage for all the various health-care and first-aid essentials in your bathroom.
Forget to factor in water usage
Homeowners looking to purchase your home in the future will definitely be looking for water-efficient fixtures in your bathroom. It’s easy to install a water saving showerhead or toilet. Do your research and make sure that it is affordable not only for the future, but also for you now. By purchasing water-efficient fixtures you could save on your monthly water and energy bills.…