5 Reasons to Get a Phoenix Water Softener

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If the sinks are full of stains and everyone’s skin is itchy and dry, there may be a hard water problem in the home. A phoenix water softener will increase the lifespan of clothing and plumbing while reducing the family’s expenses. These appliances remove extra magnesium and calcium, preventing scale buildup and increasing the longevity of the water heater and plumbing fixtures. Below are several signs of the need for a water softening device.

Scale Buildup on Appliances

If there’s scale, there’s likely hard water. Mineral deposits frequently form on coffee pots and tea kettles, but they may also form within pipes. Over time, these deposits clog the plumbing so much that drains may slow. However, a water softener will reduce the scale buildup.

Dry Skin and Hair

Hard water causes itchy skin and dry hair because of its increased magnesium and calcium content, and shampoos and soaps can only do so much. Minerals leave a residue that irritates the skin and makes it feel rough, and hard water blocks the pores. With a water softener, the entire family will enjoy smoother, softer skin and hair.

Faded Gray Clothes

If everyone’s clothes are looking drab and faded, hard water may be to blame. To reduce the grayness that comes with hard water, try using a front-loading washing machine and liquid detergent, or call to have a water softener installed.

Constant Plumbing Repairs

Hard water is very tough on plumbing pipes that are easily damaged by limescale buildup. As the flow of water becomes more restricted, the buildup occurs at an accelerated rate. Regular plumbing repairs are costly, but water softeners can prevent many issues.

Brittle Glassware

Not only is it difficult to remove hard water spots from glassware, it makes breakage more likely. While using vinegar in the dishwasher will help, as will avoiding powdered detergents, a water softener is the most appropriate treatment for hard water spots on dishes and glasses.

Hard water isn’t dangerous or poisonous, but it may cause damage to plumbing fixtures, glassware, and skin or hair. For more information on the company’s water softening products and services, call today.