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Storage, Organization and Surfaces in Small Bathroom Design

Whether you are adding a small bathroom or remodeling one, storage and organization in small bathroom design are very important. Careful planning and design for storage and organizing the storage spaces you have will allow you to keep your addition small and save money when you remodel your small bath or plan a bathroom addition. The way you handle surfaces in your small bathroom will also be important in how large the room looks and feels. It will also be a factor in how easy it is to keep the room clean.

The design of any small bathroom remodel or addition should place great attention on storage – not only providing storage areas, but providing appropriate secure storage areas and keeping things organized. Nothing makes a small bathroom look smaller than clutter on all surfaces. There are several traditional options for storage. The most common storage areas are in a

Vanity, where you might have cabinet space or a combination of drawers and cabinets;

Medicine Cabinet;

Closet, which can be very difficult in a small bathroom; and


In a small bathroom, less is always more. If you include a vanity, you will probably need to choose a very small unit. Depending on your needs, you can choose the style (cabinet or drawers or a combination) that is most suited to your needs. Recessed medicine cabinets (set into the wall, with an unframed mirror) are ideal in small bathrooms.

Most remodelers tend to think of a single medicine cabinet over the sink. But with a little creativity, you can use additional medicine cabinets in other places in the small bathroom to provide both space and the light-reflecting property of the mirror to make the room look larger. For example, a larger medicine cabinet placed in a wall at one end of or behind a tub is a great place to store soaps, lotions, bubble bath, wash cloths and even towels. All the items needed for the bath can be in close proximity yet out of sight.

Some people like the idea of dividing even a small vanity with cabinet on one side and drawers on the other. Larger items can be stored in the cabinet and small items can be organized in the drawers. If you have small children, you can also place locks on the drawers used to store potentially dangerous items and cleaning substances.

If you are planning shelves for storage in your new bathroom, consider building shelves that are recessed into the wall. These shelves can be either framed with trim or left unframed. Or you can add doors to keep things on the shelves dust free. In a small bathroom, doors with glass or frosted glass doors will make the room appear more spacious than solid wood doors (and frosting creates enough blurring that you don’t need to be quite as neat). You can use the shelves strictly for storage or you can mix storage and display of decorative items. If you cannot or do not want to build recessed shelves, you might consider installing glass shelves. Because they are clear and reflect light, they do not make the room look smaller, as wood shelves might do.

Organization is very important in a small bathroom. Creative use of nooks and crannies and recessing shelves and cabinets can conserve space, make the most of available space, and keep items close to where they will be used. There are many kinds of organizing units for drawers and for cabinets. If you are planning a custom vanity or shelves, you can insert whatever you wish in terms of dividers and such.

Walls, floors, tub and shower surrounds, light fixtures and ceiling treatment are all important in designing a small bathroom that is easy to clean and does not feel cramped. Here are a few things to consider about walls, floors, surrounds and ceilings:

Tile is very easy to clean and it can be used on floors, walls, and surrounds.

The time to install radiant floor or wall heating is before floor covering is installed. This can be a wonderful addition to any bathroom and an unexpected luxury in a small bath.

Mirrors and glass will reflect light and make the room look and feel larger

Installing sound board behind drywall, under floor covering and in ceilings is a nice addition to any bathroom.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, be sure to use cement backer board around tubs and showers and either green board or blue board for your bathroom drywall (it doesn’t absorb moisture and is less likely to mold).

Wallpaper can be a great idea in any bathroom. You might want to try to use a vinyl paper because it will be easier to clean and will not absorb moisture and mold or mildew; using fabric can be …

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Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Do have a difficult time trying to find the items that you need in your garage? There may be a lot of useful tools and gadgets hiding in there, but it may be almost impossible to find what you need at the time that you need it. I know that I have even found myself going out to the hardware store to by a tool that I know I have, just so I don’t have to go and search for it! Getting your this useful area organized should be on your list of things to do this spring, and putting together a bit of a plan is a good way to make sure that your project doesn’t fall by the wayside this year. It makes for a great weekend project, especially while the weather is still cool this time of year, and you’ll find that it was indeed time well spent when you’re able to locate a tool, piece of lawn equipment or a sporting good quickly and without the usual hassle.
Hand and power tools, lawn equipment and bicycles are all examples of the items that we commonly look to store in our garages, and as it is actually one of the largest rooms in our home, with proper organization you will find that there are so many more household items that you can store. This will free up room inside of your home, creating space for the items that we tend to use on a more frequent basis. You’ll find that when your project is complete and the space is properly utilized, you will be able to store everything from surplus food to toys and games.
With today’s garage storage units, cabinets and organizers you’ll be able to store just about anything that you might normally store in your closet, attic or basement. With a well-designed storage system you will be able to keep your items safe and easy to access, with a place for nearly everything.
One area in particular that is often ignored for storage purposes is the overhead space. You can easily take advantage of an empty ceiling simply by adding an overhead garage storage system. This productively utilizes a large amount of space for storing seasonal items and bulky things that may normally be difficult to find a place for such as tents, kayaks and other heavy sporting equipment. Building a system like this can be as simple as a quick do it yourself set-up, or there are a wide variety of ceiling storage systems on the market that are designed to be quick and easy to install, while being durable and easy to maintain and access. This systems are generally designed to be suspended from the ceiling joists or rafters.
The ceiling-mounted units come in a number of different weight capacities and sizes. Most of these units are made to be adjustable, as their tends to be a great number of variations between an open garage door and the ceiling from house to house. Once installed and properly organized, your new system will provide you and your family with much needed extra space so that you can create an indoor work space or maybe even do what your garage was actually built for – parking your car inside of it!…