Storage, Organization and Surfaces in Small Bathroom Design

Whether you are adding a small bathroom or remodeling one, storage and organization in small bathroom design are very important. Careful planning and design for storage and organizing the storage spaces you have will allow you to keep your addition small and save money when you remodel your small bath or plan a bathroom addition. The way you handle surfaces in your small bathroom will also be important in how large the room looks and feels. It will also be a factor in how easy it is to keep the room clean.

The design of any small bathroom remodel or …

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Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Do have a difficult time trying to find the items that you need in your garage? There may be a lot of useful tools and gadgets hiding in there, but it may be almost impossible to find what you need at the time that you need it. I know that I have even found myself going out to the hardware store to by a tool that I know I have, just so I don’t have to go and search for it! Getting your this useful area organized should be on your list of things to do this spring, and putting …

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