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Want to Cut Your Teeth on Six Sigma Efficiency – Do It In The Kitchen

Want to Cut Your Teeth on Six Sigma Efficiency – Do It In The Kitchen

When it comes to efficiency in manufacturing, warehousing, or even in a small business, the best way to achieve superior workflows is to study the operational methods that are being used, and to refine the process. If this doesn’t really make sense to you, or if you are wondering what Six Sigma is all about when it comes to business processes, there is a little experiment I’d like you to try. And this is something you can do in your own kitchen.

Let’s say you’re going to cook yourself a meal which requires many different ingredients from your pantry, cupboards, and refrigerator. It also will require pots, pans, dishes, and utensils to prepare the meal. What if I told you that it was possible for you to prepare that meal only taking six steps during the entire process? Could you do it? Indeed, I bet you could, but you’d have to do a little bit of planning before you started. You would have to think in your mind what was needed, and where everything was located, and plot a course taking the fewest number of steps.

You might think this exercise is ridiculous, uneventful, and having no bearing whatsoever on efficient business processes. But I guarantee you it does, and if you will start thinking more efficiently when preparing meals in the kitchen, you will find inherent shortcuts, and improve the efficiency in your company or small business. I know this for a fact because I’ve tried it, and it is a method I created to help train my mind to become more efficient.

You see, before retirement I ran a franchising company, and we franchised portable car wash trucks which went to offices to wash cars. When I created my operations manual, and training program, I always took into consideration the time it took to walk from the car to the work truck or van, and back again. Generally this was about 15 seconds, and each time I could cut out 15 seconds from the washing process, I sped up the time it took to clean each car, thus, more cars could be cleaned per hour, and more revenue could be generated by the end of the day.

Six Sigma and efficient business processes matter no matter what type of business you are running, large or very small such as our franchised operations of mobile car washes. It behooves you to be thinking here, and one way to cut your teeth on a Six Sigma strategy of efficiency is to practice in your own kitchen. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.…

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How You Will Save Space With an Integrated Fridge

How You Will Save Space With an Integrated Fridge

When you need to purchase a new refrigerator, you will save space with an integrated fridge, there will be plenty of additional room in the kitchen for meal preparation and other activities. Integrated means the appliance is incorporated into the cabinetry or walls in a manner that keeps it flush with counters or walls. There are no spaces on either side or above and the piece seems to just become part of the structure. Typically it is also finished in a manner that the doors coordinate with the finish on the cabinets or matches the wall color.

Though the appliance gives the appearance of blending with the rest of the kitchen, it can be accented with stylish door handles or hardware. It may also be accented with handles that coordinate with cabinets or other appliances in the space. In some kitchens, you may not be able to distinguish the refrigerator from other appliances or cabinets.

There are many different models available. There are side by side versions with french doors and a freezer compartment on the bottom. Capacities are similar to those of traditional models, so storage space is not lost in choosing a model that blends into the kitchen decor. Variations of this version include the freezer on one side and the cold storage on the other, like some current traditional models. They are also available in stainless steel, to match similarly finished appliances.

Other styles have a single door and freezer on the top. Much of the style depends upon where the appliance is located and the best access within the space from preparation areas. Costs for these appliances can vary greatly, depending on finish, size and features. Typically they start at around $2,000 for the most basic model. Some variations can cost up to $5,000 or more, depending on style and hardware.

Regardless of which style or version you choose, it will not look like the typical kitchen appliance. IT will more likely resemble a sleek, stylish piece of furniture or a large storage cabinet that is made with the cabinets or walls. It will no longer look like a large box or draw undue attention.…

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Beautify Your House With Marble Flooring

Marble floor are preferred not only for their elegant textures but with new technology there are more varieties that suit classic elegance lovers. Belgium, Greece and Italy are the well known sources for marbles. They are known for their uniqueness as they are different in size, patterns, style and colours.
The below mentioned points exactly predicts the finest points about the marble flooring for a house
It is a natural product from earth, which ensures it as a pollution free product and an environment friendly and also bio degradable.
It is appropriate for the both the climates. As a heat resistant flooring it keeps the floor cool during summer, the floors are cool for feet and when the home is fully tiled with marbles it is an additional benefit as the whole surrounding will be cool. In winter, they play an eminent role by remaining warm.
Health facts:
It helps human body in proper circulation of fluids. It is a comfortable floor for old age people who require smooth floor to walk. Naturally this type of floor has the capacity to avoid pathogens and allergens on the surface; it is an apt choice for bathrooms and other rooms.
Non- slippery floor, which is comfortable for all especially old age people.
Non water absorbent leakage free floors, along with it, if any one marble tile cracks it can be replaced with little effort.
Multiple usages:
They are best choice for bathrooms and kitchens. It has a benefit of using in almost all the areas of the houses like floors, walls and hallway columns…
Sign of prosperity:
It represents the status of the people; it is a mark of wealth and comfort. Marble flooring with its unblemished look gives a magnitude environment, which will ensure an overwhelming energy in the place. It also provides a royal touch, with high decorative exterior.
It has a long lasting life as it is a strong and hard variety made up of lime stones.
It is a poor conductor of heat, so sunlight will not affect and the floor remains cool always.
It will resist heat if anything placed warm on it.
Cleaning of marble floors is simple and blemishes with little care. Also, marble floors are protected with special stain anti sealant which will last for nearly ten years.
So, use marble flooring and give your house a rich and elegant look.…

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Tips on Contemporary Kitchen Remodeling

Tips on Contemporary Kitchen Remodeling

If you want to remodel your kitchen and if you aim to make it look like one of the contemporary kitchens then you need to do some serious planning first. Others would claim it’s quite a difficult task but you see, the market could give you a lot of choices when it comes to designs whether it would be custom kitchen designs, Italian kitchens or maybe modern kitchens.

Kitchen designs should not be limited to wood cabinets only. There is stainless steel, painted enamel or even glass. These are samples of contemporary kitchen cabinets or designs and are well applauded by many especially to those who wanted to try something new or maybe those who are up for a stylish kitchen.

If your kitchen has wood or metal cabinets, enamel paints could give them a contemporary touch. The good thing about enamel paints is that you could actually do it yourself but if you’re too preoccupied with work then you could hire someone to do it for you – you could contact a kitchen remodelling company. If your goal is to make your kitchen stand out from the rest of the kitchens, then, enamel painting is what you need to do as this would enable your kitchen to have a contemporary look. Also, it’s basically how you deal with the right colors.

Now, if you choose to go for cabinets that are made out of glass, then you’re definitely on the right track of creating a contemporary kitchen. It’s going to make your kitchen look clean and airy. However, if you don’t want to expose some kitchen items then you could opt to have frosted glass instead of the transparent ones. It would just depend on your preference.

If you aim to have a contemporary industrial design on your kitchen, then, stainless kitchen cabinets should be the one for you. They do well in lofts or anything that involves metal and sleek interiors. However, if it annoys you that there would be a tiny sound of the metal cabinet doors whenever you open and close it, then you just have to choose for a metallic cabinet with wood lining on each other.

Another suggestion is that should you choose stainless cabinets to go along with your countertops and refrigerator having the same material, then, go for painting your kitchen walls with a light orange or anything that would put warmth to it – somewhat bright and shining, as this is somewhat defines contemporary kitchens.…

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Creating A Cleaning Schedule

Creating A Cleaning Schedule

Everyone of us have busy lives. It would seem that the days seem to fly by and before we know it one more year has finished and we suddenly look five years older. Personally, I work such long hours – but I incessantly make plenty of time for my family. This leaves me with no time to clean the home.

Regrettably my husband works a great deal too and neither one of us have the energy to clean what we should. We would enjoy do anything to hire a maid – but that demands money that could be better spent on school apparel or maybe even food! So instead we have chosen to put together a cleaning house agenda.

This is a kind of checklist that you and your mate will put together and it can make things twice as easy. Collect notebook paper and a pencil and write down all of the rooms in the house. Be sure to include the guest room, hall, and office in that list. They may not be used a lot – but they can still get dirty.

Underneath every room make a bullet list of everything that has to be done. For example, in the living room you may put down dust, vacuum, and tidy up. For the bathroom you can put down sink, toilet, and shower. You need to put together a detailed list of everything that needs to be done.

Now that you have your list together you should deal out the chores equally among yourselves. If you have older children than make sure they have their own group of chores. You will be able to take on entire rooms or you could be in charge of dusting each room or cleaning the tiles. Each week you will be responsible for your part of the list. You will be stunned how much cleaner your home will be.…

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Home Remodeling

Ways To Update Your Bathroom On A Dime!

Realtors and other home experts alike will state that buyers are looking for upgraded kitchens and bathrooms. Remodeling a bathroom can be an expensive undertaking. There are, however, a variety of things you can do to upgrade your bathroom inexpensively when money is a serious constraint.
Paint! Painting the bathroom is one of the cheapest things you can change in your bathroom while still making a major impact and new impression. This applies to not only the walls of the bathroom but any cabinetry as well. Replacing bathroom cabinets can be expensive if ordering new items. However, a new coat of paint can make the existing cabinets look like new! Be sure to choose the colors carefully so as to appeal to the broadest range of consumers. Home decorating experts state neutral tones, and muted colors are appealing to most consumers today.
Another thing you can do is replace the flooring. Whether the current bathroom flooring is tile, carpet, wood, or vinyl, replacing the floor with updated new materials, can freshen up the entire room. Bathroom floors are usually a small area so the work and materials involved will be less expensive.
Additionally, home improvers sometimes overlook the simple things. Changing out the accessories in a bathroom can create a new look and feel. Accessories can include, but are not limited to, cabinet knobs, rugs, trash cans, wall hangings, window dressings, medicine cabinets, and towels.
One more suggestion could be to replace bathroom light fixtures and water fixtures. Replacing old lighting with new light fixtures can brighten and modernize a bathroom. Installing new faucets for sinks and showers can also give an updated impression.
While these are only a few of the ideas you can use, implementing these ideas will result in an inexpensively updated bathroom!…

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Things to Do to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Things to Do to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

In case you have a very small kitchen, this area of your house can look dark and gloomy. It can also lead to a cluttered and chaotic look. This negative environment can keep you out of the kitchen and prevent you from making delicious, healthy and wholesome meals that everyone in your family can enjoy. On the other hand, a wide and spacious looking kitchen looks airy and welcoming and inspires you to get creative with your cooking.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a large kitchen area, there are still a lot of simple things that can easily be done in order to make it look bigger and visually appealing. Some of them are listed below:

1) You can build in large glass windows almost like bay windows. They help to let the sunlight stream in making a small space look bright and cheerful. The glass window panes provide a great view that can make your kitchen space look a lot bigger than it actually is. This also provides natural lighting.

2) One of the main rules of interior design is that light and pale colors make a space look bigger while darker colors can make it look narrow and smaller. So, you can completely change the look of your kitchen by painting the walls in light, pale and soothing colors. In order to do so, you do not need to invest much as the overhauling of the whole kitchen design is not required.

3) You must be very careful in choosing the kitchen appliances in case of a small kitchen. Appliances that are big in size should be avoided as they can take up a lot of space in a small kitchen leaving little area for you to walk around in.

4) The colors of the appliances should also be light colored as light colored objects also help to give the illusion of space. You will find your kitchen giving off a soothing and calming look.

5) Gadgets that have a lot of features built in and can perform a lot of functions simultaneously should be preferred so that you do not have to buy too many gadgets to perform different functions. This will help to keep a lot of space in a small kitchen unoccupied.

6) A big, heavy and traditional looking dining table should not be purchased. In case you already have such a dining table, it is wiser to sell it and buy furniture made up of lighter materials like cane, plastic, etc. This is easy to move and also takes up less space. A table made out of glass makes the space look a lot bigger than it really is. Chairs smaller in size should be chosen.

7) Hidden storage areas should be built in the kitchens that help to store objects that are otherwise lying around on the slabs to prevent making a small kitchen look chaotic.…