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Bathroom Remodeling Products

Bathroom Remodeling Products

Remodeling your bathroom is a tough task to do. When you have to put your life on hold to cater to beautifying your one room it can get a little bit stressful. The good thing is that you have many products to choose from that will ensure you that you are doing the right thing for your special room.

It used to be that you only get one choice of shower head, get to pick between 5 brands of toilets and get stuck with a poorly designed tile. Now, there are an array of brands, colors and styles to every bathroom product you can think of. When you are remodeling your home it actually can be an enjoyable experience.

Tiles are easy to find because they not only come in the 4 x 4 inch little shiny bland tiles anymore, but they come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, finishes and materials. You will be busy for days just sifting through different tile looks. And furthermore, picking one for your room is going to be even harder! There are so many different directions that you can go in with tile. White, black, beige, brown, taupe and lots of different colors are available. Also slate and stone tiles look amazing in any bathroom to give a classier look. This will match up perfectly with a marble sink.

Of course marble isn’t the only material that bathroom sinks look great in. Although, a beige marble sink with large brown stone tiles is a popular look that can do wonders for your bathroom. Sinks can come in many different styles. If you want to, you can have a sink that is like a bowl on top of a counter. There are also steel sinks for the bathroom that create a modern look.

There are other exciting products you can remodel your bathroom with besides tile and sinks. There is also the option for a whirlpool. If you are looking to go to the top and have the best bathroom you can have, then having a whirlpool as part of your room will really put the icing on the cake. Whirlpools come in many different shapes and sizes with a number of different features. The features include underwater lights, headrests, spa jets and more. Not only will it be a calming place where you can go and relax quietly but it will also be the perfect visual to act as the finishing touch of your new room.…

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Why Americans Love Kitchen Appliances (And Why Investing in Them is Never a Waste)

Why Americans Love Kitchen Appliances (And Why Investing in Them is Never a Waste)

For decades, buyers of American high-end homes, condos and lofts have often been happy to invest in nearly commercial-grade kitchen appliances, even if they personally didn’t intend to use them much. They believed that doing so would increase the resale value of their home.

Meanwhile, as a Minneapolis realtor, I have observed that our newest condos and lofts continue to come with full-size refrigerators, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers, even in light of the current recession, and even though these homes are likely to be inhabited by only one or two people. This is true even as the value of energy conservation becomes more and more accepted within American households.


Because Americans love their kitchens-and the kitchens of others! Guests at our parties congregate in this favorite room as if it were a pre-planned destination. Relaxing in the kitchen typically places guests in close proximity to the hosts and the hard work and planning put forth on their behalf.

It should not be ignored that the hard work and planning were made considerably easier by top-notch and, yes, large kitchen appliances. The extra capacity inspires cooks to keep trying more and more difficult things. Also, just because a home is inhabited by only one or two people, it doesn’t mean that the owner will never bake a pie, use a large jelly-roll pan, or prepare a turkey with stuffing.

Some environmental advocates, questioning the value of large kitchen appliances, say that Americans ought to imitate their European counterparts who are more accustomed to smaller refrigerators and appliances.

Interestingly, because I invest heavily in the Internet portion of my business, I regularly receive inquiries from European buyers who later tour local listings in my presence. Do these customers gasp in disgust at the sight of large refrigerators with water dispensers and ice cube makers? No! They gush at them, for truly kitchens represent the heartbeat of homes across the world.

In addition, it is worth noting that Americans traditionally shop for groceries once weekly, as opposed to the European practice of visiting the markets two or three times per week. As a result, Americans quickly recoup any added refrigeration expenses in saved gasoline costs. Besides, home buyers and developers interested in energy conservation can always invest in Energy-Star appliances, which by definition use at least 20 percent less energy than federal government requirements, for a given size of appliance.

In the past, it is possible that some of the perceived value of kitchen appliances derived from status symbol. Today, however, the value comes from function and utility. More and more Americans eat and entertain at home, saving restaurants for the most special occasions. The incentives to eat at home are particularly relevant in a state like Minnesota where groceries are exempt from sales taxes at the same time our downtown restaurants are pummeled with sales taxes as high as 10.77 percent.

Given the New Frugality, spending money on kitchen appliances is not only not a waste; it’s an investment likely to increase the resale value of your home even more than it did before.…

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Bathroom Remodeling Now Can Cost at Least Ten Percent Less

Everything seems to be working to the advantage of homeowners who want to remodel their homes right now. A bad economy is driving prices down, some contractors and skilled workers are reducing their rates to stay busy, and there are rebates, tax credits and tax exemptions available for energy-efficient products. When you add up all of the opportunities to save, bathroom remodeling now can cost at least ten percent less.
There are four important ways to save money by remodeling your bathrooms now. In fact, the incentives could make it possible for you to upgrade your bathrooms in ways you never imagined!
First, shop carefully and compare prices on everything you need for the project. The crisis in the housing market, combined with a bad economy, has driven down prices of many building materials. For example:
> Lumber and plywood prices are at a thirteen-year low.
> Cabinetry manufacturers have seen sales drop by as much as 40% in the last couple of years and are offering discounts of as much as 50%.
> Drywall prices are down.
> Floor covering prices are being discounted by 10% or more
Shop carefully for the right contractor for your project and keep in mind that many top-notch contractors are discounting their prices now. Learn everything you can abouthow to save money when you remodel. You can get higher quality materials and workmanship for a lower cost. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunities.
Second, choose environmentally-friendly product options and take advantage of Federal tax credits. The Economic Recovery Act provides for homeowner tax credits of 30% of the cost of qualifying items for their remodeling (up to a total tax credit of $1,500 per year). Several items you might need in your remodel include:
> Either install a storm window over your bathroom windows or upgrade to high-efficiency UV-coated windows.
> Add an energy-efficient skylight or roof window.
> Upgrade to better insulation in the walls.
> Choose an energy-efficient spa tub with inline heater.
> Install an instant tankless water heater for the bathroom.
> Put the bathrooms on a separate super-efficient water heater, or upgrade the whole house to a solar water heater.
Third, check on State tax credits, as well as rebates and other incentives from utility companies. Most states offer sales tax exemptions, rebates or personal or real estate tax deductions for energy-efficient appliances. Many utility companies also offer an array of financing options, credits and rebates for energy-efficient appliance, lighting and other items. Local water companies also frequently offer rebates or lower rates for homeowners who install water-saving plumbing fixtures. To find out what is available in your city, visit and call your water company.
Finally, once the remodel is complete, enjoy the comfort of your new bathrooms and the knowledge that your choice of efficient products will continue to save you money by reducing your utility bills for as long as you own your home. Choosing energy-efficient and water-saving items for your bathroom remodel will result in lower bills every month, and you will be helping to save the environment.
Shop wisely, looking for bargains, choose environmentally-friendly products, take full advantage of tax credits and other incentives, and discover how bathroom remodeling now can cost at least ten percent less.
Copyright 2009 by ABCD Publishing…

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Various Types of Jobs Found in A Roofing Company

When most people think of a roofing company, they think of the workers on the roof installing shingles or tarps. However, more goes into running a successful roofing company than just the installation crew. There are several types of jobs found in a typical roofing company.

Sales And Marketing

The first type of job is in sales and marketing. This includes individuals responsible for finding new customers and convincing them to hire the company for their roofing needs. They may also be responsible for creating marketing materials such as brochures and website content.

Accounting And Finance

The next type of job is accounting and finance. This includes individuals responsible for ensuring the company has enough money to be successful and being on top of any financial responsibilities involved with running a business. This includes things like payroll, taxes, and insurance.

Property Management

The next type of job is property management. This can include individuals in charge of finding places for new employees to work out of. It may also include creating contracts for rental properties used by current or potential new customers/clients. They are also generally in charge of getting leases signed, collecting rent, and maintaining and preserving the space and its condition (making repairs). There may even be times when these professionals must deal with legal matters such as drafting eviction notices or representing the company during hearings.

Project Management

The fourth type of job is project management. This includes individuals responsible for making sure the work done by the installation crew is up to standard and meets the customer’s expectations. They also ensure that the crew is working efficiently and that all necessary supplies are on hand. In some cases, they may also be responsible for ordering supplies and overseeing the budget for the project.

Installation Crew

The installation crew is the final type of job you can find in any roofing company like Georgia Roofing and Paving. This includes workers responsible for installing shingles, tarps, and other roofing materials. They must work efficiently and understand how to install a variety of roofing materials properly.

So, as you can see, a lot goes into running a roofing company. Some individuals are responsible for finding new customers, ensuring the company has enough money to succeed, overseeing projects, and installing roofing materials. If you are interested in starting a roofing company or working for one, it is important to understand the various jobs involved. This will help you determine which position would be a good fit.…

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Log Home Lighting Ideas and Tips

Log Home Lighting Ideas and Tips

When it comes to decor, this is believed to be a challenge faced by log homes. It is assumed to be a challenge especially when based on the design of the home and other decorative things that have been added. Due to this, many people have ended up with poorly lit log homes which can be caused by log color and richness. The solution is that you have to choose the best bulbs for this type of home so as to have good lighting and an unique setting. There are certain factors that you have to consider when you want to achieve a well-lit atmosphere in these homes.

* Ambient lighting

This is the common type of brightness that is used to illuminate a house. When you have a log home, you can achieve this with the use of single bulb or fluorescent bulbs. You can also use pot lights, chandeliers among other types of lighting. These types of lighting gives full amount of light without affecting the decor with some ugly fixtures which can be caused by unsightly bulbs. In order not to completely see the fixtures, you have to fix the chandeliers in the ceiling. It is recommended that you opt for small lighting for logs are known to absorb light.

* Ancient lighting

When you have a log home, you need to consider having accent lighting. This is a common feature of home lighting decor and it can also be used in setting the mood of the day in the house or at home. There is certain lighting that can be used to achieve this like wall scones which can be used to illuminate artwork. You can also incorporate overhead lighting which can be used as a spotlight on a specific area in the house.

* Task lighting

These are lights that tend to be a bit darker, hence they add their own importance in the home. These lights are ideal for kitchen lighting where you can add another light bar at the top of the cooking area. They can also be used in a cabin to offer light to the items in it. You can also select from standalone lamps, antler or rustic which can offer more light when you are cooking.

On the other hand, antlers and rustic lighting can be used in most parts of log homes like living rooms or bedrooms. You have to know how to buy these lights so as to select on those that will perfectly fit your log home lighting needs.…

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Solid As a Rock – Bamboo Solid Flooring

In terms of hardness and durability, bamboo flooring is solid as a rock, or at least as solid as maple and even more so than oak. The durability of this stalky grass can’t be understated.
Bamboo is not a true hardwood, but is actually a beautiful grassy stalk plant. The stalks are hollow and once processed for use, extremely durable for use as flooring.
Bamboo solid flooring is not in itself a true statement because bamboo flooring is only available in manufactured planks or laminated planks for installation. However, that shouldn’t detract homeowners from considering this magnificent wood for their next home remodeling venture.
In today’s world where everyone’s concern is the environment and maintaining its resources, bamboo is one of the best choices that could be made for flooring.
Not only does bamboo grow to astounding heights, fifty feet or more, it does so in as little as five years. This is unheard of when thinking of hardwood trees that are the typical flooring choices, such as Oak, Maple or Cedar.
Hardwood flooring made from these woods is partially responsible for deforestation that is becoming rampant worldwide. Destroying the forests for its wood is displacing animals and is partially responsible for global warming. Bamboo has none of these effects.
The durability of bamboo can be seen in its resistance to denting. In tests, it holds up as well as Maple and better than Oak. Adding a top coat will help to prevent scratching and make the flooring even more durable.
This durability is an excellent reason for choosing bamboo for practically any room. The only rooms that should not have bamboo floors are those with that have exposure to a lot of moisture, like bathrooms or steam rooms.
Even though bamboo is a water resistant material, over a period of time the moisture can cause the boards to warp and possibly void any warranty that the floor might have.
Not only is bamboo solid as a rock, it’s as pretty as a gem. Natural bamboo with only a clear coating is a thing of beauty without any help from paints and stains.
However, if coloring is desired, the flooring can be purchased with stain to match whatever color the owner desires.
Another option for coloring a bamboo floor is to purchase bamboo that has been carbonized. This process changes the natural lightness of the floor to a darker color.
In contrast to stains, this colorization goes all the way through the wood rather than just on the top. The downside to carbonizing bamboo is that it does lower its hardness factor somewhat.
All in all, bamboo flooring is a solid choice that homeowners will be happy to show their friends and neighbors. It also adds value to the home in the event it is ever sold. Mother nature will be appreciative as well.…