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4 Practices That Will Ruin Your Drains

Poor discipline and bad practices at home can potentially damage and ruin your drain. Just like the other home systems in your property, your home plumbing requires caring and regular maintenance. Day to day activities can accumulate and cause risks that may damage your drains and pipes in the long run.

However, new property owners are not always aware of the activities and practices that may lead to problems and damage to home plumbing. To prevent this, here are 5 of the most common practices that you should avoid to keep your drains in top shape.

Throwing Foreign Objects Down the Drain

Toilet paper flushed down your toilets, feminine hygiene products and small toys can cause your toilet to clog. Despite all your efforts in preventing these objects from being flushed down the drain, the people in your household may not have the same effort and discipline as you are. If you feel like water is taking time to drain in your toilet, you should seek help from a blocked drain plumber Sydney that you trust in your area. Monthly or yearly maintenance in your home plumbing can be less expensive than the repairs and replacements that you might encounter in the future due to neglected problems in your toilet drain.

DIY Home Plumbing for Major Plumbing Issues

Although some small plumbing issues can be resolved by simply tightening a nut, most plumbing problems are actually huge and have several underlying issues you may not be aware of.  Professional plumbers can be expensive, but the expense that comes with a botched plumbing repair is even higher. An inexperienced DIY repair can cause more problems rather than providing a quick and inexpensive solution. Before deciding to tackle a plumbing issue at home, get quotes from several plumbers around your area instead. It might be actually cheaper than you think and would save you time and effort at the same time.

Pouring Grease and Oil Down the Drain

Another major cause of clogs and blocks in your drains are oil and grease. In most households, greasy pans with leftover oil, butter or grease are simply dipped into the kitchen sink without removing the excess oil in it. When these materials enter the drain, they usually coat the pipes, causing them to build over time. When other foreign objects are flushed to the drain, these objects can mix together with the grease in the pipes, causing blockages in your drains. To prevent this, the store used grease and oil in a used bottle before throwing it to the garbage. This is the best practice you can do to avoid grease and oil in the lining of your kitchen sink drains at home or even in industrial or commercial sinks.

Chemicals and Cleaners Used in Your Drain System

The first DIY solution that homeowners resort to when dealing with clogs is using drain cleaners and other chemicals. When you use too much of these chemicals, you might end up damaging and corroding your pipes instead of clearing them off clogs. When your pipes are chemically damaged, the repairs that may cost you are even pricier than regular pipe repairs. Drain cleaners, detergents and bleached should never be used, if possible, to treat issues with your drains and septic tanks. They may even destroy the natural bacteria that are essential for septic tanks in the process. Instead of resolving these issues on your own, hire an experienced plumber to look into the problem.

Avoid these common mistakes to prevent further damage and repair expenses on your drains and home plumbing. To get the best results and avoid further issues in your drain or plumbing issue at home, invest in a professional plumber repair instead.…

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Bathroom Shower Enclosures

Bathroom Shower Enclosures

Although most of us consider the bathroom to be just a functional unit of the house put there for our daily ablutions, it can offer a lot more to the value of the house if we just put in a little effort and thought into it. You generally are faced with a severe space constraint when designing the bathroom – there never seems to be enough walls, and enough space to accommodate the sink, the bath, and the toilet. In such a situation, we are more often than not, at a loss as to what to do.

In this respect, bathroom shower enclosures are a boon for those who have to optimize on space in designing their bathrooms. Bathroom shower enclosures are (in a loose sort of definition) cubicles that exclusively contain showering facilities and function as the primary area for bathing in the bathroom. These enclosures are generally very compact, sized just right for one average sized person to bath comfortably (although there are exceptions to this), and they let you have a nice, steamy bath without spilling water on to the other areas of the bathroom.

Along with the primary advantage of space, bathroom shower enclosures also offer several other gains. One primary gain, even if you might not agree with it as being of much value, is that bathroom shower enclosures add a touch of class to your entire design. Starting sometime in the eighties, with the design and fashion boom, bathroom shower enclosures were somewhat re-invented to meet with modern aesthetic sense. They now come in a wide range of designs and finishes for that extra touch of finesse to your bathroom.

Also, it is always a pleasure to bathe in a well-designed shower enclosure – as they give you a whole range options in terms of type and layout of the showers. Some of the high-end enclosures have showers fitted at different heights and at different angles so that you get a full body massage while bathing. Also, there are vapor proof enclosures that can turn your bath into a sauna if you want. These are just a few of the options available – there are numerous more that you can find about once you start browsing through stores and on the net for bathroom shower enclosures.

However, there are a few pointers that you might want to keep in mind while shopping for bathroom shower enclosures. First, as always, is that you should do your homework – get information of the types and varieties of all the different enclosures available and try to decide on the one that will be most suitable for your bathroom layout. Keep in mind the crucial factors of space, design, and budget while taking this decision. Second, go to different stores and retailers, not only in person, but also on the internet, and compare the price lists that they have to offer. Check the difference in prices according to different features of the enclosures and figure out the best one that will fit your needs.

Third, and last, make note of the minor details such as the door handles, the weather strips (that runs along the borders of the doors), and other such things, as these things influence the lasting period and looks of your enclosure greatly.…

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Should You Install a Shower Stall?

Most homes in America have a bathtub that doubles as a shower. Not that many homes have a separate shower stall and a separate bathtub. You may be remodeling your bathroom and feel that it would be a nice option to have a separate shower stall rather than a combined shower/bath.
Your first consideration when thinking of installing a separate shower stall in addition to your bathtub is whether you have enough room. If you are doing a major bathroom remodel then you can plan it down on paper, all the measurements of the various items like the shower, bath, toilet and cabinets so that you can fit these items in your bathroom.
If you’re not doing a major bathroom remodel, you’ll have to evaluate any spare space you have in the bathroom, measure it up, and do some research to find a shower stall with those dimensions that will fit easily into the bathroom.
Once you have your measurements for your new shower stall it’s time to go shopping. You can find complete shower stalls at most home improvement stores. These usually come with a molded shower floor and walls and the shower door. These all in one shower stalls are quite easy to install as everything you need is built into it.
However you may want to make use of the tiles you’ve already got laid on your bathroom floor and use those as the shower floor. You’d obviously have to put in a drain and build up the sides of the area to create the base of the shower, and then buy some sliding doors to finish it off.
This entails a lot more work than just buying the all in one shower stall, so it comes down to weighing up the amount of money you have to spend versus the amount of time you have to build a shower from the ground up yourself, or have it done for the professionally.…

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Ways To Help A New Mom

Ways To Help A New Mom

If one of your friends is a new mother, you may find yourself at odds. Sure, you’ve purchased a gift and card, maybe even hosted the baby shower. But you want to do more for her – what can you do that would really make a difference?

There are actually lots of practical things you can do.

Have a frank conversation with her. Make sure she knows that now is not the time to be prideful; you’re her friend and there to help. This is all about doing what she needs, not standing on decorum.

Find out if the baby has a sleep pattern. When the baby is awake, show up armed with your cleaning supplies and tackle as much of the house as you can. When baby gets tired, usher mom to bed so she can rest, too. It may not be practical to continue with your cleaning – it may depend on how loud you are and how big the house is – but you should be able to do some light meal prep to start dinner along. When baby and mom wake up again, continue cleaning with fervor. New moms long for clean laundry and empty diaper pans, but just don’t have the time or energy.

While you’re in the kitchen, find out if there are adjustments you can make there to improve mom’s efficiency later on. If you can introduce some new kitchen storage tools to help ease some of her organization pain, you really are a great friend.

Look into simple kitchen storage tools like a lid holder for pots and pans or a spice rack to help make cooking more convenient. Check to see if a cutlery tray would make it easier to load and unload the dishwasher. There are lots of inexpensive kitchen storage tools you can buy to help out your friend, the new mother.…